Every Living Thing Is Composed Of Energy

Reiki means Universal Energy. It is a healing method that dates back in time thousands of years and was passed on from Master Teachers to student. It was brought through Tibet and Japan to the United States, where it is still traditionally taught Master Teacher to student today. Literally, it is Life Force energy which, when gently directed by a practitioner, can bring order into body, mind, emotion and spirit. It brings ease into dis-ease and relaxation where there is stress - thus allowing healing to occur naturally with less drug interaction and negative side effects.
Reiki is a non invasive therapy which complements conventional medicine; enhancing the body’s natural healing processes and increasing the effectiveness of other treatments and modalities.



  • Relieve and reduce pain-acute or chronic
  • Prevent the deepening of tension into the body/mind complex
  • Calm nerve endings
  • Nourish cells for optimal maintenance or regeneration
  • Reduce stress and Promote relaxation
  • Raise or lower energy levels
  • Support and maintain the immune system
  • Relieve allergy symptoms
  • Reduce nausea associated with pregnancy, or side effects of medications or treatments
  • Synchronize and energize the body’s vital meridians
  • Release stored memories and emotional blocks held in the body tissue
  • Align the major energy centers in the physical and fine bodies
  • Actively bring body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony


REIKI TREATMENTS ARE HELPFUL in preparing for medical procedures.

It has been found that those people who have energy treatments prior to surgery, medical treatments, diagnostics or dental work approach the experience with less fear and tension and therefore have less stress on the organs of the body during the procedures. Combined with after treatment, relaxed tissue heals faster, has less complications and medications can become more effective.


CONSISTENT REIKI TREATMENTS enhance the quality of life on all levels. The feeling of well being and balance is continuously nourished. Our bodies are made up of cells which have memory -like a computer- storing positive experiences as well as pain, stress and accumulated tensions, consistent maintenance helps to maintain healthy levels of being.

YOU CAN LEARN simple techniques to do this for yourself and your loved ones and practice well being every day. It is possible to be the best you - in good health and in challenges. Since your treating physicians do not live in your home nor are they able to be with you on a moment to moment basis, learning to self- treat is of ongoing, optimal benefit. It is empowering to be of service to one’s own self. Practicing giving loving energy to yourself and experiencing receiving it on a daily basis facilitates healing and promotes well being.



When there is a health challenge in the home, children can feel afraid or alone; apart from and unable to be of any help. The question of, ?what can I do? I’m just a kid,? comes up. Children who have taken classes with parents or caregivers, who have experienced Reiki and taken their own classes, have reported feelings of empowerment and inclusion in the family and its processes; reducing fear and isolation. They feel there is something they can do and be of help with.

Florence Ondré ~ Thomas Freeman
Reiki Master Teachers


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