"The Circle of Light World Vigils for Peace"

The Energy of all of us consciously connected around the world
in a common cause of peace is amazing & powerful.

The ArchAngel Raphael tells us: "a tremendous web of light is seen by all in the angelic realms as it connects both humans, angels and lightworkers of all shapes and forms, then flows like a river of energy to New York City, Washington, D.C., America, to all places in the world and to all people who are in such need. We remind you that this energy continues to flow and if you take just a moment to be still, breathe and reconnect you will feel one with it. As you continue to hold the light of peace, and healing for all, this energy can and will be multiplied and highest good will come from the ashes of challeng and change. All of you, with your intention and energy, create a circle of light; one that is ringing this earth right now, bringing loving light, compassion and healing to all in need. This circle encompasses all people walking all paths of life. Where violence has raised its horrific action of destruction, there is unlimited good. Your every thought, expression and action of love insures a better future than darkeness has attempted to eradicate. Thank you for this blessed work you choose to do. Hold love in your heart, pray for those in need, reach out to one another in kindness, compassionate words and actions, and keep the courageous faith. Highest good becomes manifested when you simply and quietly hold that vision. You are magnificent light. You are the difference in this world. We thank you for choosing conscious action. We thank you for choosing Love to fill your world."

May we help each other to remember this essence of who we are.

Thank you for joining us in this "Circle of Light Peace Vigil."

Together we can do what seems impossible to do alone.

Together in the Light of Love, All good things are possible.

Believing Is Seeing!

Blessings of Light & Love to you,

Florence Ondré & Thomas Freeman


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Message of Peace from Mother Mary

"Dear Ones, Beloved Children, great is the power of prayer and many are counting on you to know and affirm the truth of peace for all. You who can hold the Light Of Love in the face of harshness can blaze the darkness to hold hope for the many who pray that you are there for them. Cry out for the ones who need your strong voices. Call for peace. See in your hearts and in your mind's eye peace prevailing. You are so close. Pray for all sides that hearts may open to love and understanding. Join together as if you are holding hands around the world. People of all beliefs join together in the common ground of peace with the loving spirit that is the heart of each of you. Now is the time. You are a part of something greater than the wonder that you are as individuals. Open your hearts and let the love flow forth to cover the Earth that is thirsting . I love you dearly and am with you closely now as are all the Angels."


Message from All Angels

"Blessings upon you. The work you are doing is good. We are with you in everything; adding our Light to yours. For peace is more than possible and your intention of Love the greatest instrument in the orchestra of world community. For every one of you who joins this Vigil of Peace and Healing; this Circle of Light, there is one of us standing near you, loving you for we see your great hearts as you shine your light one unto another. Within your great expanse of individuality there is the thread of Oneness. The good you do in love, kindness and compassion; the service you are to one another now, comes back again to Bless you and your entire world. Thank you all for your willingness to be a candle as darkness leaves your world. We are with you each and every one.

You are surrounded in Light and we Love you so."


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