In this section of you will find a variety of meditation forms available to you through your computer. From Visual Meditations only a mouse click away to Global Meditations connecting many through the web of the internet.

Whichever format you find yourself drawn to Meditation is an important moment to take for each person.

A brief five seconds of silence and a deep breath is a meditative moment, very healing and replenishing, and as purposeful as an hour of deep meditation. Intention is the creating action. Any amount of time that you set aside for yourself to "be" as opposed to "doing" whether it's planned or spontaneous is space you create for you to find balance with all the aspects of yourself; the mind, the emotions, the spirit and the physical body.

Finding moments of harmony and balance in each day is up to us. We need Balance to make positive decisions, Harmony to relax the body and aid in its health and wellness, and Peace to live a fulfilling life on a moment to moment basis.

We would like to provide space for you to BE, for however brief or long.

Visual Meditations

Global Meditations

Audio Meditations