With Love and Guidance from the Angels,
you can receive your own private Angel Reading
with either Florence Ondré or Thomas Freeman.
They have been consciously working together with the Angels for over 16 years
and are internationally requested for their loving, empowering,
accurate messages with practical guidance for everyday life.

They are in touch with a large host of Angels
including the ArchAngels ~ Gabriel, Michael, Ariel and Raphael.
They will be in contact with your Guardian Angels ( yes, we all have at least two of them)
and your Spirit Guides. They also work with bereavement groups, families and individuals
to connect with those loved ones who have already made their transition.
Past Life exploration can also be a part of your special session.

One of their greatest gifts is to connect you with your own Angels, empowering you
with your own abilities to communicate with the Angel

There are a variety of ways to receive the beautiful gifts that are awaiting you in the service of
the Angels through Florence and Thomas.

Angel Readings are $85(US) a 1/2hr and $150 an hour.
They are available in person, over the phone and via the internet.

1/2hr Angel Reading ***** 1hr Angel Reading

Via the internet ...

  • "Angel Email" - A special personal message from the Angels for yourself, a loved one,
    friend or colleague delivered
    to an e-mail address of your choice - $15
  • Instant Message - Angel Reading - online thru AOL Instant Messenger - 1/2 hour - $40
  • Three Questions - answered via e-mail - $50


*To make an Angel Appointment*

*1) Click on the "add to cart" button of the services/products you would like to receive.
*2) Once your request is received, with your secure payment via PayPal, you
will be contacted to make the next available appointment time!

*You can also:

E-mail us at , or
Call ~ 1-888-91-ANGELS ~ and leave a message
(1-888-912-6435) . ..**.**********************

*You will then be contacted for your special Angel time.*


We look forward to being of service.

In Light & Love,
Florence & Thomas